Supplementary examples and scene analyses

This page consists of links keyed to HtM chapters. For the present, most of these links refer to entries in the Authors' Blog, but we will gradually add  other links  to pages that offer additional examples of techniques and types discussed in the HtM text or that offer additional scene analyses, in most cases to provide options for pedagogical use. In the chapters of Part III, links also go to additional historical information. Page last updated 8 March 2010.

Examples referring to multiple chapters: The Man Without a Past (2002)

Ch. 2: On timbre, from Film Art: An Introduction 

Ch. 3: Glory, "Boston Party Scene," details for segments 2 and 3
          The acousmêtre in Dark Passage
          Diegetic rupture in Annie Hall and The Purple Rose of Cairo
Offscreen sound (music, then speech) in Paris, Texas
Diegetic/nondiegetic sound in Wings of Desire 
Diegetic/nondiegetic sound ("nondiegetic offscreen") in Amadeus
Onscreen/offscreen sound in Amadeus 

Ch. 4: Commutation test and Bobby Jindal's reply to the President's speech
          Sound advance/sound lag in Amadeus 
Sound match in Amadeus 
Sound advance in To Have and Have Not 

Ch. 5: Film Form and Audiovisual Phrasing in Meet Me in St. Louis
Sync point and Audiovisual Phrasing in (500) Days of Summer

Ch. 6: Establishing sequences in To Have and Have Not, Casablanca, and The Lost Patrol

Ch. 7: Performances in To Have and Have Not
          Performance scenes in The Sound of Music
The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) -- analysis (pdf) from Bordwell and Thompson, Film Art: An Introduction, 2d edition

Ch. 8: Music as utopian: the ending of The Shawshank Redemption

Ch. 9: Scene analysis of terrace scene from Rebecca
Scene analysis of Trinity in a jam from The Matrix
Scene analysis of opening two scenes of 42nd Street

Ch. 10: Noise in the early movie theater
Nickelodeon architectural plan
Joseph Carl Breil on special scores
Historical transition from short films to full-length features

Chs. 13/14: Multiplex theaters, offscreen sound (Bullets over Broadway)
                  Remastered sound tracks (The Godfather, Nightmare on Elm Street,  Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare)

Afterword: Tyler Bates (currently prominent film composer) 

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