The Red Violin, Music Cues

A list of the music cues, using rough timings from the counter on a VCR with a VHS print. File created in 2000.

1. 0:00 out 2:53 prologue, with credits, building instruments
2. 3:25 c. 5:00Main Title
3. 5:556:20main theme (the red violin or chaconne theme) sung by the violin maker's pregnant wife Anna (she sings again briefly at 6:30 as she talks with her fortune-telling servant Cesca)
4. 9:00c. 9:20with the cards/ first card is the MOON
5. 11:2514:00with the maker saying the violin is his masterpiece/ shows it to his wife (she sings at 12:35)/at 13:28 he puts his nameplate into the violin
6. 14:30c. 15:1514:30, then 14:40, then 14:45 Anna's death
7. 17:0018:25violin plays the melody Anna sang -- as the maker applies varnish
8a. 19:4020:28orphanage orchestra plays
8b. 20:5021:48 " " "
9. 24:4026:00Kaspar plays for Poussin
10. 27:3028:30as they head for Vienna/see Vienna (Poussin says "Wien ist eine scheidliche Stadt -- scheidlich, doch grandiös.")
11a. 32:5033:00Kaspar practices
11b. 34:1234:45 " "
12. 35:4036:10Poussin makes Kaspar sleep without his violin
13. 37:2538:45Mme. Poussin returns the violin; more practice
14. 39:3540:30violin/Anna's theme -- Kaspar sings it
15. 43:5045:12Kaspar dies/the funeral
16. 46:1849:15the violin is buried with him /THIRD CARD: LAZARUS/gypsy montage
17. 59:4551:25gypsy plays
18. 51:5252:22ochestra tuning noises in Oxford
19. 53:3554:00Pope plays, accompanied by sexual noises
20. 55:2156:45Pope's solo; out under applause
21. 58:45,5561:45Pope plays during sex with Victora
22. 61:5564:10she leaves -- letter montage/high notes -- all very low volume
23. 65:1267:28Victoria returns to find Pope with another woman/music out as she shoots the violin
24. 67:3568:10low in the background, as Pope talks
25. 69:2573:25at the auction/at sea/Shanghai/the violin is purchased
26. 73:4975:10local Communist party children's concert
27. 82:30c. 83:00Xiang Pei takes the violin out of its hiding place
28. 84:1885:00She plays for the boy Ming
29. 86:2586:35As if on a phonograph record
30. 88:0088:30some traditional music heard well in the background as Xiang Pei talks to Chou Yan
31. 90:1591:28low volume, revolutionary song -- out with the auction
32. 92:4594:10with the FIFTH CARD: DEATH (upside down)/Chou Yan, as an old man, dies
33. 95:5097:20As Morritz inspects instruments/hotel/phone call
34. 99:35101:20Morritz and Evan look inside
35. 102:15102:45 " " " " "
36. 104:10104:25dealer/violinist tries out an instrument
37. 105:32106:23he plays the Red Violin
38. 107:24108:20very low in the mix throughout
39. 110:10113:20test results/the maker takes blood for the varnish
40. 114:50115:28dealer/violinist on the phone/to the auction
41. 115:50116:20Morritz seems lost/to the auction again
42. 117:02117:50Morritz thinking/cab/to the auction again
43. 118:10121:30ends with reverse stinger/begins very low/Morritz behind the scenes at the auction/he leaves with the violin
44.122:55129:52into the end credits at 125:03.




Appendix: Cue titles from the sound track CD:

(These have not been collated with the film cues.)

1. Anna's Theme
2. Cremona: Main Title
3. Cremona: Death of Anna
4. Cremona: Birth of the Red Violin
5. Cremona: The Red Violin
6. Vienna: The Monastery
7. Vienna: Kaspar's Audition/Journey to Vienna
8. Vienna: Etudes/Death of Kaspar
9. Oxford: The Gypsies/Journey Across Europe
10. Oxford: Pope's Gypsy Cadenza
11. Oxford: Cotius Musicalis/Victoria's Departure
12. Oxford: Pope's Concert
13. Oxford: Pope's Betrayal
14. Shanghai: Journey to China
15. Shanghai: People's Revolution/Death of Chou Yuan
16. Montreal: Morritz Discovers the Red Violin
17. Montreal: Morritz's Theme
18. Montreal: The Theft
19. Montreal: End Titles
20. The Red Violin: Chaconne for Violin and Orchestra

Compilation (c) 2000 David Neumeyer