Sample Quiz

Quiz 1                                                        spring 2009

[Note: The format of questions will be the same on the actual quiz. The total number of questions and their distribution over questions asking for definitions, naming terms, or matching may be different.]

1-3. Define the following terms:

1. distortion 

2. sound bridge

3. anempathetic

4. Distinguish between sound lag and sound advance.

5. "Looping" is a synonym for ________________________________

6. Voice over narration is a type of _________________________

7-11. Match terms and brief definitions or descriptions.



a. Favoring construction of a world that makes sense rather than faithful to the real world



b. transition to song and dance where diegetic accompaniment becomes nondiegetic



c. Distinct coloring of sound


Audio dissolve

d. Partially grasped speech of people in groups


Generic sound

e. A sudden and sharp accent


David Neumeyer,
Mar 6, 2009, 2:43 PM