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Hearing the Movies: Music and Sound in Film History is now in its second edition (as of April 2015).  

 Reorganized to emphasize a chronological account of music, sound, and the sound track in the history of film technology, the second edition of Hearing the Movies also maintains the first edition's focus on a concepts-based approach to the study of film music that not only considers the film's score but also examines how the music interacts with sound and dialogue. Film is a technology-dependent medium that relies on reproduced sound, and the aesthetics of film sound have changed over time with changes in technology. In the cinema, music is positioned in the sound track.

Here is a link to the publisher's page for the second edition.

Supplementary and pedagogical materials have been updated and placed on a new course site hosted on the Oxford University Press server: go to the HtM2 companion website.

We will maintain and update the authors' blog, which can be accessed here and which has logged well over two hundred entries since it was established in March 2009. The blog has source materials for early film sound and performance practices, additional scene analyses, and pedagogical suggestions.

The materials on this page and its sub-pages were designed for the first edition of Hearing the Movies. We will not remove anything but we will also not maintain or update this page or its sub-pages in future.

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